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Über die Kategorie Studien und Wissenschaft 1 September 19, 2017
Rückblick zum 9. Forschungskolloquium (Netzwerk Forschung AM) und Kalender zur Forschung 1 December 11, 2019
Universität Basel richtet Stiftungsprofessur für translationale Komplementärmedizin ein 1 October 10, 2019
Neue Zeitschrift für wissenschaftliche Publikationen zu Rudolf Steiners Werk 1 September 5, 2019
The State of the Evidence for Whole-System, Multi-Modality Naturopathic Medicine: A Systematic Scoping Review 1 March 7, 2019
Ärztezeitung - Großstudie: Alles dreht sich um die Ballaststoffe 2 March 7, 2019
Spiritual Beliefs Are Linked to a 'Protective' Effect Against Depression in The Brain 1 February 12, 2019
A Scientific Dissent From Darwinism 1 February 12, 2019
Even to the Brain: Yes, Breastmilk Stem Cells Do Transfer to Organs of Offspring 1 February 10, 2019
Science fact or fiction? Senate exposes NHMRC did not use accepted scientific methods 5 January 24, 2019
Sicherheit der Misteltherapie in der Krebsbehandlung 1 December 19, 2018
Datenbank zu Wirksamkeitsberichten / database for case reports 3 October 26, 2018
Overall survival of stage IV non-small cell lung cancer patients treated with Viscum album L. in addition to chemotherapy, a real-world observational multicenter analysis 3 October 25, 2018
Association of Frequency of Organic Food Consumption With Cancer Risk - Findings From the NutriNet-Santé Prospective Cohort Study 1 October 25, 2018
Economic impact of homeopathic practice in general medicine in France 2 October 18, 2018
Water-Related Mechanisms Proposed for Storing and Transmitting Homeopathic Information: Putative Links with Biological Responses 2 October 16, 2018
Reduction of the frequency of recurrent diverticulitis episodes under treatment with the integrative medicine therapies Carpellum Mali comp. and Kalium aceticum comp. — A case report 1 October 12, 2018
Phase-Transition-Induced Pattern Formation Applied to Basic Research on Homeopathy: A Systematic Review 1 October 11, 2018
A 21-year course of Merkel cell carcinoma with adjuvant Viscum album extract 1 October 11, 2018
An assessment of the scientific status of anthroposophic medicine, applying criteria from the philosophy of science 1 June 24, 2018
Complete Remission and Long-term Survival of a Patient with a Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma Under Viscum album Extracts After Resistance to R-CHOP: A Case Report 3 October 3, 2018
Complete remission and long-term survival of a patient with melanoma metastases treated with high-dose fever-inducing Viscum album extract: A case report 4 October 3, 2018
Investigations on the constitutional types under consideration of anthropometric data, autonomic regulation and immunological parameters 1 October 3, 2018
On Caring and Sharing--Addressing Psychological, Biographical, and Spiritual Aspects in Integrative Cancer Care: A Qualitative Interview Study on Physicians' Perspectives 1 October 1, 2018
Ultra-diluted Toxicodendron pubescens attenuates pro-inflammatory cytokines and ROS- mediated neuropathic pain in rats 2 September 29, 2018
„Die Macht der Heiler“, Spiegel Nr. 34 2018 - Leserbrief von Harald Walach 1 September 27, 2018
Studie zum Fasten für Diabetiker (Typ-1) an der Uni Witten/Herdecke 2 September 18, 2018
Homeopathy in the treatment of depression: a systematic review 2 September 16, 2018
Lemon and Quince- a natural treatment to reverse asthma and allergies 6 September 4, 2018
Aktuelle Studie: Deutsche wünschen sich ein Miteinander von Schulmedizin und ergänzenden Therapien 1 August 30, 2018