Cochrane Collaboration:Signal Detection Report: Mistletoe - Therapy in Oncology (April 2017)

Key Findings

  • Expert opinion: Both experts stated the original reviews’ recommendations
    are still valid. Both experts were aware of new evidence that would
    strengthen the findings of the original review.
  • Literature evidence: No signal was identified.

Die ursprüngliche und entsprechend Signal Report aktuelle Übersichtsarbeit von 2008:

Aus diesem paper:

Authors’ conclusions:

The evidence from RCTs to support the view that the application of mistletoe extracts has impact on survival or leads to an improved ability to fight cancer or to withstand anticancer treatments is weak. Nevertheless, there is some evidence that mistletoe extracts may offer benefits on measures of QOL during chemotherapy for breast cancer, but these results need replication. Overall, more high quality, independent clinical research is needed to truly assess the safety and effectiveness of mistletoe extracts. Patients receiving mistletoe therapy should be encouraged to take part in future trails.