More than 500 healthcare professionals discuss the integrative health model in the European environment

• Within the framework of the 12th European Congress of Integrative Medicine organized by SESMI and ESIM that was held this past weekend in Barcelona

• For three days worldwide specialists in integrative medicine have demonstrated with their studies and practices the benefits of

for the patient integrative medicine, in line with the global strategy of the WHO (World Health Organization).

Barcelona, September 16, 2019 . The Barceló Sants Hotel in Barcelona

this weekend, hosted the 12 European Congress of Integrative Medicine co-organized by SESMI (Spanish Society of Integrative Medicine) and ESIM (European Society of Integrative Medicine) developed under the slogan “Together in integrative medicine”

An event chaired by 3 women, Dr. Isabel Giralt, acupuncturist, vice president of SESMI and member of the Board of ESIM, Dr. Alejandra Menassa, internist and president of SESMI, and Neus Esmel Doctor of Nursing Sciences, President of the Scientific Committee of the Congress and member of SESMI. This event has brought together experts in integrative medicine who have explained through cases, studies and practical experiences the reality of this specialty in different countries such as Germany, Italy, United States, Iceland, Australia and Japan.

The Congress was preceded by the 1st International Symposium on Integrative Health and education, co-organized with the Nursing School of the URV and the integrative nursing commission of CODITA. In it, speakers from different countries discussed integrative medicine in the academic framework.

The Congress has had a significant number of speakers such as Benno Brinkhaus, professor of internal medicine and clinical epidemiology at the Charité University of Medicine in Berlin (Germany), Mary Jo Kreitzer, founder and director of the Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing of the University of Minnesota (United States), Elio Rossi director of the Center for Coordination for Complementary Medicine of the Northwest Tuscany Health Unit, lecturer and expert in Oncology (Italy), Jorge Vas, head of the Medical Unit Pain Treatment, belonging to the Andalusian public health service, in Dos Hermanas (Sevilla) or Javier Mata, section chief of the Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Clinic of the Son Llàtzer University Hospital (Balearic Islands).

In their presentations they have addressed, among other topics, the situation and practice of Integrative Medicine worldwide, the integration of this health model in Spanish public hospitals, their current and future perspectives in the population

Childhood, its effects on the treatment of stress, anxiety and chronic pain, or on the intestinal microbiota and cancer and the importance of lifestyles.

All participants have agreed to highlight the need on the harmonization of all countries in Europe to go the same way. In his opinion it is time to think of a single medicine, which brings together all practices, to go in line with the global strategy of WHO (World Health Organization), which is committed to integrative medicine in its 2014-2023 plan.

Doctors such as Pere Gascón, from the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, have defended integrative medicine and its benefits for the patient despite the current situation in our country.

Politicians and economists have also participated in the Congress, such as Dolors Montserrat, former minister of health until 2018. For Montserrat “we are currently making great progress in the physical prevention of the patient, but not in the emotional part, which is key in the integrative medicine It is time to raise your voice so that these demands are heard.” Also, the economist Itaxo Mugaria of the Department of Health of the Government of Navarra explained how integrative medicine, “promotes global health and reduces spending on medicines.”

The end of the Congress was presented by the XIII European Congress of Integrative Medicine, to be held in London in September 2020.

About SESMI:

Founded in 2014, SESMI (Spanish Society of Health and Integrative Medicine) is a group of integrative health professionals (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists …) who work collaboratively and integrated to treat the patient globally. Its specialists develop Integrative Medicine as a new model of patient care that, in collaboration and in a coordinated manner with conventional medicine, aims to improve people’s living conditions and minimize the side effects of pharmacology. In addition to the assistance work of its members, SESMI aims to disseminate Integrative Medicine, research, publication of books, guides and protocols and organization of congresses, among other activities.